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General Contracts

I have a single page BEO (banquet event order). Does this need to be reviewed and signed?

Is it okay if I sign off on this contract since I have been signing it in the past?

I have a quote that has a signature line and terms and conditions attached, does this need to be reviewed and signed by someone authorized to do so?

What does the governing law provision in a contract mean?

Why is the indemnification language stricken from contracts that The University enters into?

Professional Services

We have a Professional Services Agreement already in place do we need to have a new PSA signed now that a new template has been introduced?

We have someone volunteering their time and we are only paying their travel expenses. Do we need a PSA?

My department is doing a seminar series where we have guest speakers come and speak, but the only thing we are paying them is mileage reimbursement on a MDV. Is that ok?

We have an independent contractor that we are paying on a monthly basis, do we need to do a PSA each time?

I have a guest speaker who has been approved as an independent contractor, can he be compensated for his travel expenses?

Are there risks and responsibilities associated with being an independent contractor?

Are independent contractors eligible for benefits offered to University employees?

We have an independent contractor who will be charging us for services plus travel. How is the mileage to be calculated for this fee?

Do I need to send in the original PSA or is a scanned copy acceptable?

If the independent contractor signs the disclosure page, is a signature also required in the signature block of the professional services or guest speaker agreement?

My independent contractor forgot to answer the disclosure question is that okay?

We have an independent contractor who performs services on a monthly basis, should the not-to-exceed amount apply to one month?

When the contractor is also a University employee, is a Professional Services Agreement required?


Once a contract has been completed in DocuSign, how do I print it?

Will I receive a copy of the contract once it has been signed?

Can you tell me if the contractor has received the contract for their review and signature?

Do I need to print the contract in order to sign it?

Procurement Contract Portal

What information do I need to sign in to the Contract Portal?

May I continue to email my contracts to Contract Management?

What other documentation should be uploaded with the contract?

Where does my contract request go after it is submitted?

How do I check the status of my contract request?

How do I obtain a copy of the fully executed contract?

How do I determine which contracts need to be submitted through the Procurement Contract Portal?

What are the benefits of using this system?

Can I look up contracts that were previously submitted through the portal?

How will I know when my contract has been completed?

How long will it take for my contract to be processed?

Do I need to be granted special access to be able use the Procurement Contract Portal?

What do I need to do to prepare documents before uploading them in the Procurement Contract Portal?