The Photography Agreement is used to document the scope of work, rights of ownership, and payment terms for photography services provided to the University by outside contractors.  The form should be originated by the department requiring services, signed by the contractor, and then forwarded to Contract Management for review and final signature.

Photography Agreements should be prepared and signed electronically through DocuSign by using the link below.  This system allows for faster, more efficient processing, and tracking of documents.  It will also ensure that forms are routed correctly.

Contractors will be notified that their signature is required by email, and link will be provided to allow them to access the form.  They may access the form from any internet capable device (computer, smart phone, tablet, etc.).  Vendors are not required to establish an account with DocuSign, but may choose to sign up for a free account if they would like to access their document history.

Once the document is fully executed, all parties (department, contractor, and Contract Management) will receive a final copy via email.

Documentation Requirements

If the contractor is an Individual, an Independent Contractor (IC) Form is required to be completed and approved.  A final copy of the IC form must be attached to the Photography Agreement.  For more information about the IC process, refer to the UA Tax Office website.

A detailed description of the services to be provided is required.  If needed, an attachment may be used.


Photography Agreement