While most services necessary for the University’s day-to-day operation are either performed by University employees or acquired through standing bid contracts, there are occasions when outside professional services are needed.  Professional services are customized services consisting of specialized intellectual or creative expertise based on personal skills or ideas provided for a fee.    Before engaging an individual for professional services, a determination on independent contractor status must be made by the Tax Office.

An Independent Contractor (IC) Form must be completed, submitted and approved by the Tax Office prior to making an agreement to pay someone as an independent contractor.  The Tax Office will review the information provided, make a determination, sign the form, and return the form to the department with the IC status noted as either approved or not approved.

As a general rule, a Professional Services Agreement must be executed prior to an individual or company performing professional services for the University.  Review the Professional Services Matrix and Professional Services Policy prior to entering the information in the Professional Service Agreement or the Guest Speaker Agreement.  Once the agreement is filled out, you must send it to the Contract Management Office for signature.  Please be advised only those appointed by the board are allowed to sign agreements.