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Heightened Review of Contracts


Pursuant to the University of Alabama System report entitled Report and Recommendations Regarding Potential Conflicts of Interest that May Impact Institutional Contracts, April 2016, an expanded review of certain contracts and vendor relationships is required to ensure continued fiscal responsibility.

The following types of contracts will require review and approval by the University System Office, Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration:

  1. All no bid contracts of greater than $1,000,000
  2. All consulting/professional service agreements of greater than $250,000

The following steps should be completed to ensure adequate and timely review of contracts that require enhanced review by the University System office:

  1. Contract submitted to Contract Management for review. Contract Management will determine if the purchase is not subject to bid.
  2. Contract Management informs requester that a heightened level of review and approval is required. The following preliminary steps should be completed before proceeding to step 3 below:
    1. Vendor to complete Vendor Disclosure Form which will be provided by Contract Management.
    2. Vice President for the requesting area should request approval from the University President on behalf of the requester.
    3. Requester submits the contract to Strategic Communications at for review and approval (if applicable).
  3. Once approval is granted by Strategic Communications and the University President, requester proceeds with completing the Heightened Review Contract Request Form.
    1. Please note, the individual most familiar with the contract should complete the form.
    2. Questions related to the form should be directed to Chad Tindol at
  4. Form is reviewed and approved by the Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration.
  5. Once the approval is received, the requester will forward the approval to Contract Management.
  6. Contract Management will proceed with the review and execution of the contract.